Why Park Model Homes? Park Models vs. Tiny Homes

In our most recent piece, we discussed some of the advantages of living in a park model homes. Downsizing to a smaller house helps you to simplify and streamline your life, lowering expenditures and improving freedom.

However, you may have noticed while browsing our website that our dwellings are referred to as “park model homes” rather than “small houses.” What’s the difference, and what does it matter for you as a homebuyer?

What exactly is a Park Model?

Park model homes and miniature dwellings seem to be interchangeable at first look. They are both tiny dwellings that are typically moveable and have similar design.

The main distinction between the two is how they are categorized. A park model is basically a leisure vehicle. It may not seem to be an RV, yet it is precisely that.

A park design:

• Is less than 400 square feet.

• Has a width of up to 12′ and is portable on a wheeled chassis.

Because a park model is an RV, it must be registered and tagged. You must also insure it like you would any other car.

What exactly is a Tiny House?

While park models must meet the aforementioned requirements to be classed as such, the term “small home” is not an official categorization.

Informally, a tiny house is just a small house. Some argue that a small dwelling should be 300 square feet or less. Others argue that 500 square feet or less, or perhaps 600 square feet, is sufficient.

The problem is that small dwellings live in a convoluted regulatory gray area.

“It’s also crucial to recognize that, despite the term, Tiny Residences do not exactly qualify as homes either,” says Woodland Park, one of our manufacturers. There are federal, state, and municipal regulations that require permanent houses to be erected in accordance with a federal, state, or local building code or standard, and very few Tiny Homes fulfill these requirements.”

Technically, all park model dwellings qualify as small houses. However, not all small houses are manufactured residences.

Sometimes we refer to our park models as “little homes.” We do this mostly because we know that many people who come across us are more acquainted with that word.

However, the residences we customize and sell here are all park model RVs.

The Advantages of Buying a Park Model Home Over a Tiny House

Despite the fact that small houses are sometimes not legally defined as “homes,” you may be wondering why a park model RV is a better solution. Here are a few reasons to think about it.

1. It is simpler to locate a location for a park model house.

Because small residences are not designated “homes” by the government, they might be difficult to locate.

If you investigate the residential regulations in the region where you want to live, you may learn that you may theoretically only live in a “small home” if it is an auxiliary dwelling unit (ADU).

It is also typical to discover that in order to establish a structure on a foundation, it must be bigger than a modest dwelling.

In theory, a compact home on wheels might be put in an RV park or campground. However, if the residence is not an RV, the campsite will most likely refuse it.

Because a park model home is considered a legitimate recreational vehicle, you will most likely have considerably more alternatives for where you may park it, whether temporarily or permanently.

2. Park model houses are designed to greater specifications.

A large number of “small dwellings” are not properly constructed to ANSI standards. Park model houses, however, must be constructed to code since they are RVs.

This is significant for many reasons:

• In order for zoning and planning boards to allow a house, it must be constructed to code.

• Building a home according to code guarantees that it is safe to live in.

Choosing a park model home versus a “tiny house” helps to guarantee that you and your family are just as secure in your compact, movable home as you would be in a typical full-size home.

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3. It is simple to relocate a park model house.

Do you want a house that you can take with you on all of your adventures? Because a park model is a recreational vehicle, it can be picked up and moved as fast and simply as any other RV.

At the same time, you may enjoy a lovely environment that looks and feels just like a stick-built house.

This is not true of all little dwellings. Some small houses are designed to be permanently supported by foundations. Others are built to travel, although they may not be as safe or convenient to transport to a new location as a park model RV.

Our houses are more resistant to the strains of transportation. They will withstand the test of time, no matter where the road takes them.

4. Park model houses are spacious, comfortable, cost-effective, and fashionable.

Another incentive to choose a park model rather than a tiny home is the ability to live large in a small footprint.

There is no comparison between the layouts of our park model homes and those of many of the small dwellings you have seen.

A park model house is unrivaled in terms of openness, natural light, space, storage facilities, and general comfort.

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