Explicit photos were shown to Adidas employees by Kanye West

Earlier this month, news began to circulate that Kanye West reportedly showed explicit photos to employees at Adidas. The photos were taken from his personal Instagram account. While the images were not censored or edited, the images appeared to be more explicit than what Adidas is used to seeing.

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Several former Adidas employees have spoken out about working for Kanye West and their experiences working with the rapper. Their complaints include numerous forms of abuse and mind games. They also claimed that West used intimidation tactics and targeted female employees.

One of the former staff members recalled an incident during which Kanye showed a pornographic video during a meeting. The video features two actors arguing. One of the men asked whether it was a porn movie. The other answered “yes” and exclaimed, “Jesus Christ!”

The former employees also alleged that Ye showed personal photos of Kardashian to the creative team during meetings. The staffers said that Ye had a habit of playing pornographic videos during meetings to make people feel uncomfortable. The former staff members also claimed that Ye used intimidation tactics to get his way in the office.

Kanye West has had a troubled year. In October, Adidas abruptly cut ties with him. After an exposé was published by Rolling Stone, he also lost his design contract with the company. He has also been accused of provocative behavior and antisemitic rants. He also announced that he would be visiting former President Trump at Mar-a-Lago. He has since stopped working with his publicist, but has not responded to Page Six’s request for comment.

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Earlier this month, Adidas announced that they had cut ties with Kanye West due to his alleged behavior. Former employees of the Yeezy brand claimed that West showed them hardcore pornography during work hours. They also accused him of using intimidation tactics and making sexy comments about women.

Former Adidas employees detailed Kanye’s behavior in a recent open letter to the company’s leaders. In their letter, they described a “toxic and chaotic environment,” and demanded accountability from the Adidas executive team for their mistreatment. They also criticized the executives’ lack of response to West’s “predacious behavior.”

They claimed that West used pornography to intimidate staff members, play mind games with them, and assert his dominance over them. They also alleged that West played sex tapes in meetings and job interviews. A former Yeezy creative told Rolling Stone that West showed him an explicit video of porn star Francesca Le in a sexual act.

Another former Adidas employee claimed that West used his “unlimited access to the company’s porn database” to intimidate staffers and make them watch porn on the clock. One staffer said that West ejaculated in sneakers. Several other former employees accused West of showing them explicit photos and videos of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

A young creative told Rolling Stone that West played a pornographic movie during a meeting. He was also surprised when West pulled out his phone during the interview.

Kanye West’s alleged unethical behavior as the head of his Yeezy empire

Yeezy’s former creatives are speaking out about their experiences with the rapper. They say West has been using “intimidation tactics” to coerce others. They say he has made them watch pornography videos and sex tapes. They also say that West has shown them hardcore pornography.

Two other creatives say that West has shown them videos of West engaging in sexual activities with women. He has also shown them homemade sex tapes. They have also said that he has pulled out his phone during interviews and that he has danced in the room.

Kanye West has recently been locked out of his Twitter account, as well as his Instagram account. He has been accused of sexualizing his behavior, as well as making antisemitic remarks. Some people have also called for a boycott of his music and products, claiming that his comments about George Floyd and Black Lives Matter are inappropriate.

In recent months, the rapper’s relationship with Adidas and his Yeezy empire have been tumultuous. The rapper has allegedly been using his platform to propagate white supremacist messages. He has also sported a confederate flag as a fashion statement. He has also been accused of making false claims about George Floyd, who died from a fentanyl injection.

As the head of his Yeezy empire, West has also allegedly been guilty of sexualizing his behavior, as well as make antisemitic remarks. Some of his previous outbursts have led the Yeezy team to question whether or not they had loyalty to Adidas.

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